Teresa episode 7

The basic plot of the show called "Teresa" is that a female named Teresa is a greedy person. Teresa's parents have made sacrifices to give her the good life; however, she only cares about earning money. She's a smart person and a pretty person, but she really wants to get away from her poor neighborhood. Her parents will anything it takes to take care of her, but she is still unhappy with her life.

She believes that poverty killed her sister. Rosa ends up dying from heart disease, and Teresa does not want to be poor again. Teresa comes up with a plan to use her looks as a way of becoming rich. She ends up falling in love with Mariano. He is a male who is from her neighborhood, and he decides to become a doctor to impress her. He wants to see her dreams come true, but she decides she cannot wait for him to finish medical school. Teresa goes to a private school, and falls in loves with Paulo.

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He is already a rich young male, and he popular with all his classmates. She ends up breaking up with Mariano, and she uses her beauty to charm Paulo.

Since Paulo has money, she wants him instead of Mariano. Paulo and Teresa are off and on again throughout high school, but he dumps her when he finds out that she is poor. Paulo's mother does not have approve of her son's relationship. Aida becomes jealous of Teresa's relationship with Paulo, and announce's Teresa's poverty to the world. Teresa wants revenge. Teresa lets her teacher Arturo de la Barrera fall in love with her.

When Aurora decides to go after her first love, Teresa decides to get back together with him.

teresa episode 7

The story is all about relationship, and is told from Teresa's point of view. Arturo y Teresa lloran en la oficina del juez porque saben que ese es el final de su matrimonio. Oriana busca a su hijo para tratar de hacerlo recapacitar, le pide que no se case con Teresa. Oriana le confiesa a Arturo que quiere vengarse de Teresa, le asegura que es lo menos que merece y le pide su ayuda para lograrlo.

Muy enojada, Oriana busca a Teresa en la vecindad para ajustar cuentas, le da una cachetada y le dice que es una mujerzuela.All Teresa wanted was one day to get away from the business, spend time with her new boyfriend, and get to meet his old bandmates. Given Teresa's track record, it should come as a shock to no one that her plan went horribly wrong.

Teresa Moves In

For many people, the thought of living in a nice home with a pretty garden is attainable, to some, it probably sounds kind of boring. It must have felt nice to hang with Eddie's friends and be introduced as his girlfriend, the woman who owns a bar and a small tequila distillery. Like Teresa, I wondered why the hitman didn't shoot her as he'd had multiple chances to kill her quickly during this trip. But whoever hired him wanted Teresa to die slowly, and unfortunately, the man died before he ever got to confirm whether his boss was Cortez or someone else.

Could it be someone else? There are certainly other options. Camila, Isabel, Rocco de la Pena, the alternate banker in Europe, and probably several more I haven't even considered. Teresa has made her share of enemies. What was impressive was that Teresa managed to take down the hitman all on her own without Pote, or George, or Javier's help.

teresa episode 7

But I don't understand how she managed to con Eddie into believing the only drama she experienced during his concert was that she slipped in the bathroom. Maybe that explained the black eye, but shouldn't Teresa have bruises on her neck from almost being stranged, and what happened to the blood pouring out of the man's neck as Teresa sliced it open with the broken glass. And then there's the question of what happened to the dead man. He was large! Teresa couldn't have moved his dead weight on her own, so what explanation was given for a murder backstage at the jazz concert?

Those are some rather large missing plot points that we have to overlook for all of this to make sense. Did finding out that Rene was Judge LaFayette's nephew make that much of a difference because before he heard the news, he seemed content with letting the man's corpse eventually be found in the trunk of that car.

And after two weeks in a trunk in the Louisianna heat, Rene's body must have already been badly decomposed. Oh God, what did I get myself in to? Poor Emelia. Yes, she was a fool to think that a love affair with Javier would mean this business wouldn't touch her, but I still felt for her. Javier is charming, smarter than Boaz, and takes less joy in violence, but his go-to problem-solving solution is still murder. Between Javier leaving a trail of bodies and his fingerprints everywhere, and Emelia dropping her earring at the crime scene and busting that tail light, I fear the end may be near for both of them.

Ever since his parents got killed, Tony has gotten bounced around, so the fact that he's having issues coping with all of the loss and changes in his life isn't surprising, but I do wish he'd talk to Teresa or Kelly Anne about having overheard that Pote killed his father. I trust Pote with my life. Tony: If you say so. It must be confusing to find out that the man who has gone out of his way to protect you and be kind to you is also the hitman who was ordered to murder your father.

Tony had a fixation about walking in his father's footstep before he overheard Pote, but now it's possible that the teenager wants to replace Pote as Teresa's protector.

I got the feeling that Tony's new fixation with video games was as much fantasizing about that as it was an outlet for his anger.

teresa episode 7

One of the problems with violent video games is that they don't teach you to respect the weapon or what it means to take a life. It was clear that Tony was feeling a little cocky about his abilities until Pote took him out hunting. Part of taking a life is dealing with the aftermath. This is not one of your video games.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure. Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Title: Seeing Red 18 Nov Wealthy widow Rosemary Tennant is found dead in the gutter outside the 'temple' of her 'psychic guide' Kristina Frye, a despicable fraud in Jane's eyes.

Rosemary lived with her children Clara and Travis Tennant, a troubled teenager missing for 10 days, and philander photographer Jeremy Hale. She was about to change her will, presumably disinheriting Travis 'to shake him up', but in favor of which outsider?

Patrick dissects all relationships and sets a double-bottomed trap. Written by KGF Vissers. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

Ep 7: The Last Supper

Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. The Mentalist — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 7. All Episodes A wealthy woman is killed in a hit-and-run. The investigation leads the CBI to a psychic woman the victim regularly visited, whom Patrick, being an ex-psychic himself, suspects of being a con woman.

Director: Martha Mitchell. Writers: Bruno Heller created byGary Glasberg.Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now. Watch now. Title: Double Identity - November 8, 21 Apr Sam leaps into a mafia hit-man who may not live long since he is romancing the godfather's girlfriend.

Also an attempt to bring Sam home causes the east coast blackout. This was the second episode filmed but pushed back to later in the season. I can see why.


It is an episode that is unsure of itself. It starts off as a pastiche of The Godfather and then confused as to how it will resolve the story as it has tied itself in knots because of the people Sam has leapt into. Sam leaps into a mafia enforce, Frankie La Palma and he is making love to Teresa who is a hairdresser and squeeze of crime boss, Don Geno Frascotti.

Don Geno is not happy that Teresa might be cheating on him. Meanwhile Al thinks that Sam needs to be responsible for a major power cut as well as bring Frankie and Teresa together. The story has a lot going for it. Sam is lost at first and he needs to sing at the wedding in Italian. There is some good comedy as well as peril in this one. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs.

Plot Summary.

Teresa saison 1 episode 7 en streaming

Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.Her grief and business may not get along so well. This is no time to play games. Now that Boaz is in hiding, Teresa knows that Camila and Pecas want her dead. When they confront Kelly Anne about it, she says Teresa allowed it herself.

Her arguments are strong: her product is much more valuable and he would receive a bigger cut than the one Pecas gives him. Since Pecas is already hunting down Teresa, the General advises Camila they should take the time to find Boaz and eliminate him. But Camila disregards the advice -- her daughter is more important. She denies everything, turns them both down, and specifically tells James that he may leave whenever he wants.

He suggests that Pecas plays nice with Teresa and waits until they can arrange a meeting to listen to what Teresa has to offer. Pecas is not happy about this and gives an order to kill her that night. To do so, Pote locks Teresa up in the cellar, against her will. Locked up in that room, Teresa has visions of Guero as if he were alive. All of a sudden, she snaps out of her trance and manages to turn on a heavy piece of machinery used to carry heavy objects to ram the door down.

He informs Camila and she agrees to his kidnapping in order to bring Boaz out of hiding. But she tells Cortez that Isabela must never know about it, and Kique must not be harmed. Kique and Isabela have planned to escape together, but the General gets to him first and warns him to leave Isabela once and for all.

Kique is not scared of the General and makes the mistake of insulting him. As a result, Cortez hangs him on a wall in a warehouse and kills him cruelly with a nail gun. Teresa, James, and Pote flee the winery and she decides to call Taza, the Native American drug lord, to tell him about the attempt against her life.

He offers them shelter in his reservation, and she accepts.

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Skip to main content. Reina De Espadas. S3 episode 7 Aired on August 2, Gallery Recap. Reina de Espadas. See photos from "Queen of the South" season 3, episode 7, "Reina de Espadas. Season 3 episode guides. El Mundo. Diez De Copas. La Muerte. El Diablo.Court TV Exclusive: R. Coronavirus Threatens Jails and Prisons.

Warner: Verdict is In. Weinstein: Sentencing Instant Replay. Durst: Defense Opening Statement. Warner: Defense Delivers Opening Statement. Warner: Prosecution Delivers Opening Statement.

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Vallow: Husband Says Kids are 'Safe'. Durst: Timeline of Events. Simpson's Home Was Planted? Lawyer Explains Theory.

teresa episode 7

Lee Bailey on CA v. Simpson: F. Simpson Trial. Welte: Defense Opening Statement. Welte: Prosecution Opening Statement. Welte: Family Nightmare Murder Trial. Weinstein Verdict: Inside the Courtroom.

Weinstein: Guilty of 2 Counts, Not Guilty on 3. Matthew Wilks: The Background. Keetley: Judge Declares Mistrial.See our picks. Montserrat Mendoza Boyer is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin.

After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving An ambitious woman of humble background and stunning beauty is determined to change her poor situation, using her seductive skills on a millionaire doctor. Childhood friends Elisa, Damian, and Gael meet again as adults and their relationship strains under the weight of their warring families and romantic entanglements. She becomes a different woman and her new attitude sends her to the family's hacienda.

There she Sortilegio centers the life of Alejandro who comes back home after a terrible accident to find that he is married to Maria Jose, a poor and innocent girl who was lied to by Alejandro's Two identical twin sisters separated at birth reunite and the rich, devious and cruel one proposes to her sweet-hearted counterpart to assume her place.

A love story between a young girl wishing to become a professional model and a rich boy who works in a fashion house. An orphan girl finds her family and the love of her life, being one of the richest families in town. On her road to reunite with her family she will have to pass a lot of problems. Lucrecia and Julian are kids when a disaster happens to Lucrecias family. Her younger brother drowns in the river near her house.

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When Lucrecia comes back to town years later she falls in An original story by renowned novela dame Delia Fiallo. Ana Paula fights to set herself free from her powerful and short-tempered husband Rogelio whom she met while working at the Hacienda A young woman of humble means reinvents herself to avenge those who cruelly mistreated her.

Teresa is a young woman dominated by her greed. Her parents have made great sacrifices to give her a good, decent life, but Teresa wants more, a lot more. Sign In.

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